GDPR Awareness Training


Our GDPR Awareness Training is suitable for all your school’s staff. This course gives an overview of the GDPR, focusing on the relevance and importance of protecting personal data. It has been designed specifically to bring staff through their individual GDPR responsibilities.

Learning outcomes – having completed this course, your staff will:

  • Understand how the regulation applies to their role.
  • Know the key definitions of GDPR.
  • Know the Individual Rights guaranteed to all Data Subjects and what they have to do to uphold them.
  • Know how to keep personal data safe.

Course Content



What is the GDPR?

The Fiver Analogy
What is GDPR?
Key GDPR Definitions

Principles of Data Protection

The 7 Principles of Data Protection

Personal Data

What is Personal Data?
What is Special Category Data?

Data Subject Rights

What are the Rights of Data Subjects?

Roles and Responsibilities

What is a Data Controller?
What is a Data Processor?

Use of Personal Data

Personal Data – how to use it appropriately!

Keeping Data Safe & Secure

How to keep your physical data secure!
How to keep your electronic data secure!

Dealing with a Data Breach

What is a Data Breach?
How should staff respond to a Data Breach?

Record Retention

How long should I retain data?

Conclusion & Exam

Conclusion & Final Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Each course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

To book a course, just contact us. Once you’ve made your booking, Ark will be in touch regarding staff enrolment.

Of course, you can call us on 021 6019319 or send us a short email to with your name, number, and a time that suits you to take a call.

The platform has been designed for all levels of technical ability. In addition, we ask every course participant for their feedback which we use to continuously improve the user experience.

In short, no. The Ark Academy™ is browser-based. This means courses are taken online using your Internet Browser, i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

The Ark Academy™ works on 99.99% of internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Once you book a course, you can choose for staff to self enroll using a unique group code, or Ark can register staff directly (using their work email address).

On registration, your staff will receive a system-generated email with a link to their assigned course(s) on an agreed date.

Your organisation has access to the purchased course(s) for up to 12 months.

If staff need technical support, they can send us a support ticket using the “Support” option in the top menu of the training site. We’ll respond quickly and deal with their issue directly.

No, they can visit their assigned course at any time, wherever they are. Each course comprises several individual lessons which enable staff to complete it at times convenient to them.

Yes. On completion of a course, your staff will receive a certificate by email. In addition, you (or your designate) will also receive a copy for their personnel file.

The Ark Academy™ will automatically generate course progression reports for Management. This means close to zero administration for you. 

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