About Us

Operating nationwide we offer consultancy services, policy development, training, and advice on Health & Safety, GDPR, Data Protection, Covid-19 & Cyber Security.

Tailor-Made for the education Sector

We only work with schools

At Ark, we work exclusively in the education sector. Operating nationwide we offer consultancy services, policy development, training and advice in key areas such as Health & Safety, GDPR/Data Protection & Cyber Security.

Each year we work with over 200 school principals addressing their school’s legal & regulatory obligations. By focussing exclusively on the education sector, we can offer you, your BoM and staff the very best advice and support available in the market.

Tailor-Made For The Education Sector

Why Ark?

Competent Advice

We are a competency based profession – what this means is that we have the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience to advise you, your BoM and staff as needed. We don’t apply another industry’s methods to fixing your problems or present unworkable solutions.

Practical Approach

It goes without saying but “common sense should prevail”, and our approach is to work with your staff to ensure that they can implement changes that are needed in your school to demonstrate compliance with the relevant legislation. We have a huge amount of experience working with schools of all sizes implementing simple & practical solutions to achieve compliance.

How can we help you today?

GDPR / Data Protection

We help schools keep their staff and students’ data safe and secure.

Cyber Security

We help schools keep their ICT Resources safe and secure for staff and students use.

Acceptable Use

We help schools implement the correct and proper use of their ICT resources.

Retained Advice & Support

Same-day phone and email support on GDPR, Health & Safety & Cyber Security.

May 2021

Client Survey Results

We continuously survey our clients to ensure that our service meets and exceeds their expectations. Most recently, in May 2021, we surveyed over 50 clients and the results speak for themselves.

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