GDPR Workshops

Information for Key Stakeholders ahead of the GDPR Workshops

Information for Key Stakeholders

Upcoming GDPR Workshops for your school

Your school has engaged the services of Ark to assist the school in complying with the Data Protection Act / GDPR Regulations. 

Ark is a niche consultancy business – we only work with schools and have a proven track record in the school’s sector.

GDPR Project Objective

To ensure that your school is GDPR compliant. To develop a school policy based on best practices with input from key stakeholders. To deliver whole school staff training. To answer queries you may have on Data Protection. To support the school going forward on GDPR related queries.

GDPR Workshops

GDPR Workshops will be held shortly with key stakeholders including Management, Administration Staff, SEN, Guidance Counsellors, Year Heads and ICT Teams to understand how the school handles data.  Each workshop will take place online using Zoom or equivalent. Your school will shortly circulate the date and agenda for the workshops as well as the meeting link.  Please note that each meeting will take approximately 35 /40 minutes. We ask that you kindly attend the workshop at the allocated time to ensure you get the maximum benefit from these sessions.

Workshop Preparations

Consider the following questions ahead of your workshop as this will aid discussion. What personal data do you collect, i.e.notes in diaries, minutes. What data you have access to, i.e. paper records, reports, emails, school email/cloud. How do you keep data safe, i.e. locked cabinets, drawers, held electronically etc. How do you store that data, i.e. on a computer, personal device, school server, USB, hard drive etc. Who do you share data with, i.e. colleagues, management, external agencies, parents, guardians, 3rd parties etc. How do you share data, i.e. email, verbal etc.

Compliance Solutions for Schools

We have a suite of new compliance programs for the Education Sector.