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Essential training for busy schools

The Ark Academy™

We have specifically designed these courses for school staff, both in terms of context and content. 

In three easy steps, get your staff set up and ready to go with their training.

Next Steps

1. Sign the Data Processing Agreement

Download the Data Processing Agreement. Sign all areas marked with a yellow arrow and keep on file - this satisfies your school's GDPR Obligations.

2. Share Communication with Staff

Download the "Suggested Communication" for your staff. It explains the upcoming training and how staff will take the course(s).

3. Upload your Staff details

Download the template, complete the fields with your staff's details and then upload this document using the form below.

Upload your staff Details here

Privacy Notice - How we use your data

We will retain and process personal data you provide us in relation to the service that is relevant to you. 

Compliance Solutions for Schools

We have a suite of new compliance programs for the Education Sector.