Your GDPR Policy Pack

Information for School Leaders

Information for School Leaders

Your GDPR Policy Pack

The GDPR Policy Pack is delivered “ratification-ready”. This ensures policies can become live quickly, thus switching the focus to the action plan.

The GDPR Policy Pack includes the new Data Protection & CCTV policies. It also includes various other resources and agreements to demonstrate GDPR Compliance.

Next Steps

Watch the Video

This video introduces the new GDPR pack for your school. It will bring you step by step through what's in your pack and what you need to do to implement the policies. Feel free to revisit this link at any stage over the coming months.

Download and Review

Download the pack from the link sent to you directly and save the Policy Pack to your own drive. Review each document within the Policy Pack and note any questions you (or colleagues) may have or where you require some clarification.

book a meeting

Finally, having reviewed the GDPR Policy Pack, the final step is to book a clarification meeting to discuss any questions you (or colleagues) may have. Contact us as soon as you can to schedule a time to conduct this meeting via zoom or otherwise.

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